Monday, September 24, 2012

Oh, the Ideas in my Head!!

Ten years ago when I was putting my second or third warp on my 16-shaft computer-controlled loom, I wondered how Ben could build me a loom where there are no shafts, but the computer somehow controls each and every warp end. Because if it can handle shafts, the logic couldn't be too different; the issue would be the space and weight for the mechanics for each and every heddle.  So, by threading the loom once, one could tie on new warps forever and use the loom for plain weave just as easily as, say, for 80 block on 240 shafts. I always meant to propose to him this wee weekend building project.

Then it dawned on me on this weekend that, as far as I understand, that's what Jacquard looms do. Am I right? 


  1. yep, you are right!

  2. I can't help it. I want one. I will never have to thread again. Ever.


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