Monday, September 10, 2012


Close to first thing this morning, I was looking for a very small collection of fabric I've saved over the years - perhaps five in all - they are all tiny leftovers. While rummaging though the drawers in the dresser in the stash room, I found gazillion small projects or cutsy tools/materials for small projects. Gazillion. Plus I found some warp-end cottons I wove (as recently as... ummm... July?) I forgot about that I could use to make cloth-covered buttons if I want. To sell or give away at the exhibition. But I could not find the fabrics.

Spring has sprung and we have tiny yellow tulips right outside of the kitchen window. The flowers are not tiny, but they are extraordinarily short. Possibly because the bulbs are not planted deeply enough. This is one of the areas where birds keep digging and flicking bulbs all year around. I need to remedy that. The other area is full of friesias where nothing is coming out so far. In a weird twist, I planted early cheers so late they are only about 5cm tall. Flowering tulips and just sprouting EC's - only at Casa Nakagawa. If I took better care of our place, we do have tons of lovely flowers planted - they just have a hard time coming out and thriving amongst the vigorous weeds.

With less than three weeks before we install/hang/(I found another nice word on Saturday but can't remember) the exhibition, I should have no time to read/garden/cook dinner, which is probably why I keep thinking about those things all the time. But I have made arrangements to go back to Ronette's drawing class in October for one term. Next year I'll have to miss the first and possibly the second when I go home, but the prospect of returning to her class, and to more or less to my "normal" life, feels reassuring.

I feel a SSVE-type thing coming on. In fact, I've felt this for about six weeks but I'll tell you about it when I feel I deserve to have one more thing to look forward to. Hint: start thinking of very tiny "show" pieces. 

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