Sometimes we know things, don't we?

I've been working on the Self-Portrait design, manipulating three potential base ideas. I feel I can work with any of these, but the minute I hit the right one, I knew I couldn't explain with words why this was the right one; I just wanted to find out more about this idea much more than the other two. So today I'm going to work further with this one.

Better World Books gave me a discount code, so I felt I should buy something because they do good work. I allowed myself US$10 for something that will be both interesting and might help me with my weaving. So I got this one, used. True, Amazon has used for 1 cent, but BWB ships free worldwide, so I think it's an excellent buy.

It appears it's one of those new books where pages are arranged like websites. Which I loathe. Sometimes I give up reading magazine articles when there are too many little windows my eyes have to jump around. (I feel there needs to be a preposition at the end of this last sentence, but I'm now sure what.) But it appears in this book there are tiny gems spread across the pages and I can flip open any, read a window, and learn something. Or enjoy. Or (dis)agree. So I'm looking forward to it.

Which also makes me less grumpy because the three books on 3D (two on textiles - Jackson, Dalgaard and Richards) have sat on my Wish Lists in/on (??) five online bookshops around the world while I waited for the prices to drop. A better idea is for me to wait a couple of years until they will pop up in the used market, which is about when I plan to be ready to read them. Ha ha; self-knowledge.

Oh, has anyone has or seen "Parallel Shadow Weave" by Elizabeth Lang and Erica Dakin Voolich? I've had this on my Wish List for several years based on the title and for the first time a used one popped up this morning, but I haven't been able to find out what's in it. I'm interested in anything shadow weave, but if anyone can help me get a sense of this book, I would very much appreciate it. Big thanks in advance.

Now, Firefox off, Discworld on, and more manipulation of last night's idea.

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