Done. Sorry for the blur, but so far this picture conveys the mood of the color combo the best, but the brown is still not right.
Next warp is wound, but I'm yet to make up a couple of drafts. I made this warp way back in October and the color is more accurate in the October picture. I wanted to weave something with the skinny gray warp, but not to pleat, but I figured I can make two quick and fun pieces before I hunker down to tackle yet another new yarn in the warp. Besides, I needed a little cheer in the color after the brown. However, I have been lining up and editing these cones to make an autumnal series since October also.
The colors are inaccurate: from the left it's black, two naturals. two pale browns, (the cone in the back is what I used in the warp in the latest project,) and the two oranges are dirtier, more autumnal, in real life.
And don't you hate it when you come up with a good idea after you've finished a project?


Meg said...

Oh never mind, the brown warp in yesterday's picture looks closer to the real color.

Laura Fry said...

I need a palate cleanser too, so my next warp on the big loom will be in shades of blue (and probably some green because I don't have enough blue tubes to fill the sections!)

Meg said...

I love blues; I look forward to pictures, Laura.