Slowly but Gradually...

You saw the top one last week. I put the second of three warps intended for Dad's ruana, again in a blind undulating twill. The top warp was meant for the center so it had blue bouclé evenly across the warp alternating with Mom's handspun; the other two, however, have a plain two-poly merino alternating with the handspun towards the sides of the garment, so I added some blue variegated bouclé to make the texture more even. Mom's handspun has small amount of oranges and yellows so I wanted these to show up and chose a dusty orange bouclé for the weft, but it didn't lift the orange in the warp so well. I wish I knew where this yarn came from because it has smaller loops and is an extremely delicate, soft yarn.  
For the last piece, I measured a bunch of ends in orange/yellow/pale blue variegated bouclé to supplement so this will be a colorful piece.
I wasn't sure what I wanted to use in the weft until I found some scrumptious handspun by Mom seen at the bottom; I don't have enough for a complete piece, I don't think, but I have plenty more of the handspun used in the warp so there are options.
While I make up my mind, I thought to weave some cashmere, so I put on the navy blue warp enough for three small scarves, another rescue warp. Again, I made up the twill as I threaded. In this I used a thicker dark purple weft that looks somewhere between black and navy depending on the light.
In the second piece I'm using a pink, (actually a very dark peach,) cashmere/silk mix, so there is the sheen contrast. Yum.

I'm weaving the cashmere at 15EPI, very loose, and trying to discipline my beating but it's not going so well; the pieces are so netty and delicate I'm constantly treadling back to correct beats.Hard to imagine some years ago I had such a difficult time feeling OK about asymmetrical threading; for now I can't imagine threading symmetrically.

I also went around the house looking for stray warp chains; I had one more than I imagined, though I can't remember which one it was, but I'm missing an attractive-sounding one that was on my list, a walnut-dyed with-scale merino. I have to dive into the big wool box one of these days. 


  1. They're all beautiful! And I agree about symmetry - it's overrated... an asymmetrical design has much more life and excitement about it.

  2. Oh Meg, they're all so beautiful! xo

  3. I can still remember the tingling that ran though my body when Ali my ex-mentor suggested asymmetry "to begin with". I didn't think of it while weaving the purple weft piece, in fact I was surprised how "regular" that threading ended up in spite of my intentions; but when I started on the orange piece, I wondered if it looks like a piece of fabric cut off at the wrong place, LOL. Anyway, I know it doesn't matter, or it will look more interesting when one tries to wear this as a scarf, so not worried. Although I can't help thinking it still looks a little odd on the loom. LOL.

  4. Really wonderful Meg, you never fail to amaze and impress me. Much love to you and Ben for Christmas and the coming year xxx

  5. And much, much yummy love to you and your clan, Carol. And do let me know if you have plans to come to this side of the ditch next year.


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