Weaver to Weaver 2015 and The Day in the Life of Looms 2015

Guidelines to Weaver to Weaver 2014 2015 or, W2W14 15

This is taking place in 2015 so I changed the name. I hope it's OK.

1) Collect small inexpensive items that inspire you as a weaver, that show something of your weaverly thinking, or something achingly lovely that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Put a few in a "normal sized" envelope; I'm thinking up to a medium Christmas card size, or "business" size roughly one-third of an A4 or Letter size sheet.

2) Sign up by emailing me, not commenting here, between now and Sunday, January 4, 2015:
     * how many envelopes you want to send/receive; no limit;
     * your real name if you use an online name;
     * your physical address;
     * and an URL for a blog, photoblog, website, somewhere we can find out more about you and your work. If you haven't got any, don't worry.
     * If you've participated in W2W in the past, and if you remember, tell me who your partner/s was/were. 

3) By the end of Tuesday, January 6, I'll match you with an/other weaver/s and send you their contact detail.

4) Send your envelope/s to your partner/s on or before Saturday, January 31. For overseas mail, please use Air Mail.

5) Sit, wait, and enjoy. When you receive your envelope, make yourself a hot/cold cup/glass of something and sit in your favorite chair. Tell us about it if you like.

You may prefer to hear from me who your partner/s is/are and then start collecting.

Questions? Please ask away in the comment section.

Anything that inspires you would work. If mailing overseas, just be careful of plant/animal matters as some countries are very strict.

If language is a problem, we'll try our best to find someone who can translate. Participants need to understand how W2W2 works, but English is not required in the actual exchange.

Last year, my envelope to Alicja, and others, were posted shortly after Christmas. It didn't reach her before the end of January, nor February, and I was happy to make up new set, but it came back to me in May or June! Because I had Hobbit stamps on it, I put the package in a bigger envelope and sent it to the same address and she got it sometime in the first half of this year. So, ask each other if you don't receive your envelope by say mid-February, or contact me and I'll do the asking.

Guidelines to A Day in the Life of Looms 2015

Boy, this was big this year. Thank you, everybody.

1) Take pictures of your loom/s on New Year's Day 2015 your time. I think one picture per loom will do.

2) Post on your blog or a dedicated album on Flickr/Picasa/Facebook. Make them big pictures so we can see. Write anything you want about your looms, projects, plans for the year. Or write nothing. Please add a link to my Loomsday post.

3) Make it go public on January 1 your time.

4) After it's publicly viewable, send me the link to your post.


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