The Weaver is Weaving

But not well.

Yesterday during our weekly Skype, Mom asked what I'm weaving now; I said Ben was home for two weeks and we gardened; Mom pointed out he'd been back at work for four days; touché, I was avoiding the itchy brown warp.

Mind you, I tidied the house on Monday and saw the osteopath in the afternoon; I was sick Tuesday with what felt like another 24-hour flu, then I cooked a lot Wednesday and Thursday: humus, jams, kombucha, bread, and dinner. But no, I hadn't been weaving, nor weeding. So I did today.

I modified the draft and rethreaded the sides and resleyed at 18 EPI.
This is the draft I started weaving. 40cm in, I thought since the piece doesn't have to pleat, I should have created a draft without such pronounced warp/weft-dominance, to dilute the scratchiness with the lovely merino weft. 
About 80cm in, I remembered I had thought of it and had intended to weave this draft, with slightly less warp/weft-dominance. I think the treadling in the first daft and tie-up of the second would have been nice.
Too late, I've woven sightly over a meter; this piece is going to be a tad short of two meters, and it's a short warp. I like the color combination, very "wearable", but it's early summer here and the piece looks a little, ummm, un-uplifting. I can't seem to get the colors right in photographs; perhaps after it's washed, I can try by the front door in the morning. They are nice colors, I promise.

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