I Lied

I finished the blue piece today, and the next, similar warp has been wound. It's a 4-shaft 2/2 undulating twill, but I can't show you the draft because I made up the threading as I threaded. It has scrumptious merino bouclé and Mom's handspun single alternately in the warp, and possum/merino/silk in the weft. It's a meaty piece, and I wove it well. 

I'm glad I'm making progress with my stash-and-ready-made-warp busting, but I'm bored with what are coming off my loom; I feel I need to add a new look/style. I haven't found a direction yet, so I'm still just gazing.

I was supposed to go to a lecture tonight on how mathematics manifests in artwork. I had hoped it would show me a few interesting directions. But I've been a little tired after we went from near-winter temperatures to near-mid-summer high in about a week, so I was thrilled I was able to give my seat to a university Math student; the event was free, but the seats were limited and the lecture had "sold out".

Weeds are growing back with gusto, but today we had our first real rain for three-quarters of the day. It smelt, felt, and sounded lovely.  


Unknown said...

I'm sorry you couldn't get to the lecture. Jennifer Moore, of doubleweave fame, teaches a mathemagical workshop, which I have taken twice. It's very intense and covers a lot of material. I know of one tapestry weaver that took this workshop and totally incorporated mathematical principles into her work. Maybe you could get Jennifer to travel your way to give a workshop. http://www.doubleweaver.com/mathemagical.html

Meg said...

Thanks, Sherri.