Happy, Merry, Bless

Our window is tinted and double-glazed. And dirty. But if I go outside I'd be too low to shoot the flowers. I just can't get the colors right, but flours are very saturated, slightly blue red when they come out, and fade as days go by. Birds of all kids started feasting today, messing up the red stamens. The foliage is mid-yellow-green. Today the sky is mid-light blue, exactly the color you imagine a summer sky to be; it almost looks fake.

May you and yours be blessed with health, inspiration and perseverance.


Sandra Rude said...

Happy Christmas to you and Ben! And may all your warps in 2015 be smooth and cooperative.

Meg said...

Oh, I sure can use cooperative warps, Sandra. Thank you!

Donna said...

Waw, Christmas in summer, so nice !
Here, in SW France, still misty :-)

Happy Christmas, Meg !

Meg said...

And to you, too, Donna.