Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cloudy Saturday, Sunny Thoughts

Look how beautifully Doni has packaged her commission blanket. It makes the piece so very special, don't you think?

Today we help Tim move studio and house, but we're expecting rain, after two weeks of beautiful sunny weather. It'll be fine, he's thought of everything. The only worry is the traffic congestion, because he has loads of friends and family and I don't know how many are coming to help. We thought his studio was in a beautiful place before; now he's moving on to pure heaven.


  1. I thought that too when I saw Doni's post. Much much better than a plastic bag!!
    Don't work too hard with the relocation team.

  2. Dianne, we're home now. He's moved from the estuary just before Motueka to Marahau - in an almost church-like space and hard-to-believe-this-wasn't-purpose-built work space. But it's still very much under construction (inside - he's doing it himself) and it will be very cold for the rest of the winter.


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