Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Weaver's Life

I work better under pressure, or with a deadline, and a very close one at that.

Ben's gone back to work this week and I have nothing on my calendar for two whole weeks. I could have done anything I wanted.

I have two long-awaiting commissions, two galleries that can really use some more pieces, one where I should replace the pieces. A few other learning commitments, like Ali and the Design Merit Certificate. A piece awaiting fringing, three pieces awaiting wet-finishing, and a few I'd like to wash again before I take them to galleries.

Monday I cleaned the inside of the house big time, and I dyed a whole bunch of stuff, wishing to ease myself back into fibery things. (I did my first ever bohmaki pole-wrapping technique and though there is tons to learn there, I do like the shapes this technique creates.)

Tuesday I cleaned the kitchen, cleaned my desk and resorted my piles and put most books back where they belong, started reading a novel, sewed buttons on my Kaz project baby hats for charity.

Around Wednesday things started to get a little fuzzy, but in short, I did not go outside to work in the garden in spite of by-then seven continuous gloriously sunny and mostly calm days, though inside the house was unpleasantly cold inside.

I'm struggling to get back into my "normal" schedule because I realized I don't have a normal schedule; I need a timetable, and some goals, pinned on the wall. I've also been having a crisis in confidence of sorts, which has to do with the Internet, and that's set me back a little; I'll tell you about this when I have some conclusion or resolution.

Anyhoo, today is the eighth gloriously sunny and calm day, and bitterly bitterly cold inside, so we're going outside for a while.


  1. I really like what you're doing with clothes, Meg, doing shibori on them. Gotta try that myself one of these days!

  2. I'm really enjoying revitalizing my old clothes because they are in pretty sad shapes if I didn't dye them, they'd have to be either given away or discarded.

    I was also looking at your dyed cloth, Connie, and wondering if I would dare cut into them and make embroidered/beaded mini-quilts. I'm not sure at this point just yet...

  3. What gorgeous little hats! I should try something in the hat line for Abigail - she is not very keen on them and tends to discard them at the earliest opportunity, but I think I'm big enough to live with that :)

  4. Cally, how about those flowers made of ribbons? You could embroider the stems, and sew on flowers all over? That's what I'm thinking of doing with my next lot - the flowers leftover from the wild tea cosy.


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