How Do You See?

Connie Rose's blog post on how we see things brought back to me one of the things I occasionally ponder, that I see details. I love macro shots, when I draw, parts don't connect naturally with other parts and the larger form/proportion comes out unintentionally Picasso-esque. I see colors but not shade/light; I see obvious lines/shapes but not patterns. Proportion has been something I never ever think about; either, it's so natural I don't think about it, or I'm so blind to it it's not even in my concierge.

I would like to think one can train oneself to see in different (or more) ways than what one is used to, but so far training myself to see patterns has not worked for me, unless it's so blatantly obvious that's the only thing in a picture, scene, or on the object. Either it's impossible to train, or it moves as slowly as the glacier pre-global warming.

My mind can't concentrate on anything this morning. I need to go do something mundane, like put on a warp, I think.


Dana and Daisy said...

squint, works for me!

Meg said...

Squinting has never worked for me in seeing anything. In my drawing class I have taken off my glasses to see shade/light, but then I can't see what I'm doing, so that doesn't work very well, either.