Sunday, July 25, 2010

Is There "Setting Up an Etsy Shop for Dummies" Somewhere?

I'm ready. But I don't understand their website. Or maybe I'm just refusing to do the hard work.


  1. well, lots of topics, but...

  2. Was dreading having to read all that...

  3. Have you considered bigcartel instead? I am trying to understand what could be the best option for me as well...

  4. I haven't seriously considered anything, really. There was Etsy that lots of people seem to have shops in, and then we had a local one that lasted about 16 months. I just need "my" shop somewhere in the ether for things I think are getting "old" in Nelson, but more importantly, experimental things I make...

    No, Doni, I haven't really given much thought outside Esty. I do believe, though, that I'm better off being on a US site than a New Zealand one, in terms of my pieces accidentally being found by more people around the world. Because there are only 4 million of us on these isles.


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