Thursday, July 29, 2010

That was Pretty Bad...

Stage 2 of Pattern Making course started tonight. And yes, of course, I had to be measured by the cutest, nicest teenager Sophie, for my skirt block. Although her friend Shannon has a torso about the width of my leg; that could have been even worse, I suppose.

But not by much.

I should not have had so many cups of tea before I went there.

Not that that would have made any difference...

That's me looking particularly tired before I went to the workshop. I've had an unproductive couple of days after the super productive Tuesday.


  1. Great to see you up close and personal, Meg!

  2. Hi Meg,

    You look cute, don't worry, we were all at one point or another tiny teenage girls! Don't be hard on yourself.

  3. Connie, at some point, one stops worrying about what one looks like, doesn't one? Well, this one has, to a certain point; this one worries more about what one gets done!

    Bety, EXCEPT, I was never a skinny teenager. My body shape hasn't changed much for the last 49 years, except the middle part maybe even bigger now!

  4. That is a lovely photo of you looking thoughtful Meg!

    Ideally being measured for clothes made to fit means we can have clothes that suit us whatever our shape. However, skirts are not the most flattering garment for many female body shapes, many of us don't exactly have a "waist" and dresses are generally more elegant, or top and skirt combinations that overlap to look like a dress.

  5. I think Jill started with the skirt block because she think that's the easiest to fit properly - her course progresses to pants/trousers, and then to tops. I don't know how many of these I'll do - but first I must survive skirts.


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