Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow...

Yesterday, I received my sketchbook.

Yesterday, I bought some cotton fabric and washed them.

Yesterday, I delivered some scarves, and withdrew some others, from three galleries in town. This morning, I machine-washed the cotton ones, and handwashed the cashmere one.

This morning, I brewed coffee to drink, and then brewed some more to dunk some wool in. I think I will use an old pillow case to take out the grind, rather than the regular coffee paper.

This morning, I shall mordant yesterday's cotton fabric with wood ash.

This afternoon, I shall apply clear gesso on curtain fabrics I got at a sale on Friday.

This evening, I shall finish threading the big loom.

And if I have a mind to, I shall go to an opening of a Tibetan carpet exhibition/sale this evening.

When I go to bed tonight, I shall finish reading India Flint's dye book.

And tomorrow, I shall finish whatever I don't manage today.


Meg said...

Footnote: Dismaying to know the thick polyester curtain fabrics ON SALE were NZ$2.50-NZ$3 per meter, 140cm wide, while the cottons 110cm wide NOT ON SALE were upwards of $15 that I checked and I didn't even look for thicker stuff. 50/50 Poly-Cottons were more affordable, but not the all-over-machine-embroidered ones I was after. Imagine a little girl's underskirt; remember the white cotton with daisies all over? I couldn't even find 100% all-over-machine-embroidered cottons.

As well, I was stunned at how much, proportionately, of fabrics being sold are stretch fabrics, in all kinds of configuration and specification.

I think the next time I'm in a bigger city, I shall go look hunting for, and in, a fabric shop.

Julia Lines said...

I love the momentum in this post- I'm running into momentum hiccups at the moment, and it's wonderful to feel the movement, like a river. Good luck with everything!

Meg said...

Julia, my energy fluctuates so I really must catch the tide (or is it the wave?) when I can.

Eddie said...

Oh you are doing the sketchbook project. I can't wait to hear how it goes.

Meg said...

I am, Eddie, and have been thinking about it. I would like it to end up being a weaver's sketchbook, but I don't know what I should do, and i don't want it to be about weaving only.