Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Japan Pics 5 of...: Asakusa Amuse Museum - Boro Exhibition

These are photos from brochures I picked up; I haven't seen the words "don't reuse" so I am praying it's OK to post because I feel terrible about my confusion. (And, sorry, not a good day to edit photos; I can't see anything.)

This page is cited as an excerpt from the Boro book mentioned below.)

I might rework on these photos when my eyes are working better.

Looking at the dates, the exhibition must have been open when we visited, but Mom and I have no recollection of the room nor the exhibits. What I do remember, however, is there was no exhibition catalogue, but the museum was promoting this book instead.

So, enough of me trying to play guide about Japanese textiles and leading you down the wrong path. If I'm tempted to do this again, I post pictures only. Normal transmission resumes; more of cloths I like, pictures I like, and my ranting.

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