Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday Wasn't Bad

Yesterday I assisted Lloyd, Josh and Deb hang Impressions and Arts Council Nelson Art Awards at Refinery ArtSpace. Previously this local show was limited to the Nelson region but had a photography section; this year, they've expanded to include neighboring Marlborough but cut out photography.

I always enjoy helping hang an exhibition; I learn much about running exhibition spaces, administration work, hanging techniques and aesthetics. I like also having individual work explained to me by Lloyd, as more and more I find my taste heading towards abstract. But as with Guild and Art Society style exhibitions, it's tricky hanging a disparate set of artworks in a community art awards show; inclusiveness leads to grass-root support, can make a big impact on some participants, and can offer great bargains, but critical standards and visual cohesiveness can go by the wayside. I'm glad to be just an extra pair of hands, (though a bit of a mouthy) and don't have to make decisions.

Their opening is 4PM this Saturday, August 21; it's a strange time, but allows Marborough folks make the 90-minute trip over the hill and back.

* * * * *

Last night while watching TV, I did start the wee beading project that's not really a project yet. I'm starting low-keyed and uncomplicated because the goal is to keep going, but at some point I would like to use beads along side embroidery.

The one on the right, I got started, loved the colors, but disliked straight line, I'm having a wee rethink. The one on the left, using the smallest beads on far left, is tonight's entertainment.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, an impromptu mini poll showed we are weaving in many different colors. No clear winners this time, but blues/greens marginally ahead. Good for us!

* * * * *

A year ago when I was quite sick Dot wrote to me and we've corresponded almost daily since; I've saved 296 emails from her, and after the medication started (and stopped), my life has been pretty good, I've been more productive than I'd been in a while. Thank you, Dot. And Happy Belated Birthday.

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