Saturday, August 7, 2010

Some Finds from Canada

If you live in New Zealand, you hear heaps more about matters Canadaian than if you lived, say, in Minnesota. So I've had this false sense of security (arrogance?) that I knew a little bit about textiles and fiber art in that country. WRONG! Here are some of my new finds:

Michelle Beauvais

Unfortunately her Facebook and blog entries are in French and I find Google Translator woefully inadequate, but she reads/writes perfect English, of course. At first I asked her if I could post her Facebook profile picture because I think it'd be wonderful it would be if every weaver had a profile picture on their loom or with a weaving equipment of some sort. (Says the one who hates having her pictures taken...)

Then Michelle replied: "But it is important to understand that my work on textile is braiding fléché the so called "ceinture fléchée" in French tressage fléché or "Arrowhead design" in English. Even if many authors or artisans described it as finger weaving it is not, the result of the working process they used is exactly like the one I used for my work and it is a unique braiding worked with fingers (no tool) unique from North East of America Continents and Québec, Canada part for the highest quality standard. We are very proud about it. It is a flat angle ribbed braiding structure 1 over/ 1 under oblique interlacing."

I wonder if the technique is similar to Maori taniko weaving. And look, there is a website in Canada with more in-depth description of taniko weaving.

I think this is her Facebook group that discusses the discipline. (Also in French.)
Here is a blog post in English.
Her website has beautiful photos; click on the different "tabs" to see them all.
And saving the best till the last, here are her Pacasa Albums.

The others are via artist/writer Joe Lewis. I haven't investigated him much, but among other things he appears to be passionate about Canadian art, and to own a Jaquard loom.

Facebook / FiberQuarterly on FB / Blog / and... ArtCloth Text

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