Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Well, It Makes Good Sense, I Suppose...

I've been looking up some acid dye information on the Internet, because, you know, that's where I'm gong next with my own project; that's the textured wool/pole-wrapping project in case you get confused.

Connie Rose talked about how fiber reactive dye behaves mysteriously, and I assume it's in comparison to acid dyes. Boy, it makes sense that each type of dye, each brand of dye, behaves differently. I once experimented with a simpler dye where turquoise never produced saturated colors under the exact same conditions as other blues and greens. But this is too much for me to think about now. I think I'd better concentrate on learning how to use one brand of acid dye, get use to that, and then experiment with others, or forget others exist.

Meanwhile, Dianne found us a treat at the Santa Fe Weaving Gallery, (click on Trunkshow); some of new Randy Darwall scarves, and I'm loving all the blues!


  1. Oh, those colors of Randy's are so inspiring! Can't wait to see where you go with the dyes.

  2. Dyes and me. Yes. Ummmm... You have to wait for a wee while, though, Margery.


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