A Quickie

Maria has her exhibited items on her blog, and points to The Nelson Mail article on our exhibition. Her Un-Wedding Dress is particularly lovely when a breeze comes in from the back door; I like to think there is a guardian angel looking over our entire exhibition during its duration and she likes to remind us of her presence every so often.

I've been reading Elaine Lipson's recent TSA presentation in Washington DC. I like rereading her thoughts on Slow Cloth every so often to make me recalibrate my thinking. I'm a stubborn and slow learner so I can be achingly impressed by others' work and other influences but I don't feel it filters through to my making easily. At least not in less than half a dozen years. Still, getting away from visuals and taking in Elaine's words nudges me back to my 0,0 position. How do you see your work? What do you think of Slow Cloth? Her words are easy to read and, I feel, invites you to explore your own interpretation. Leave a comment on her blog, if you will.

I've been dying to weave a scarf with on the Warp of Shame but just can't seem to come up with a suitable draft. So instead of getting back on the bench this morning, it seems I need to do some time with draft-drafting.

I'm not liquefying-soft-membrane-melting-ly tired any more; just a bit tired from sleeping so much. I should have a tour of the house and pick up work stuff and put them where they belong and make a list of how/where/when to clean. But, you know.... Meh.... 


Meg said...

Question to myself: What textile item have I got, not given but made or purchased, that I would like to hand to the next generation?

It's not a question that covers all aspects of my understanding of Slow Cloth, but a handy measuring stick for my making and buying, I think.

Maria the fibrefinger said...

My oh my I'm getting lots of foot traffic at Fibre of Life from your blog :) Thanks for visiting folks!

Meg said...

Didn't realize folks were walking from Tahuna to Atawhai today, but I suppose the weather is still good. :-O