Monday, October 1, 2012


I'd imagine all five of us are tired to the point of liquefying.  My last job before the opening has been to choose and edit photos so I can email four or five images today for the printers to crank out postcards tomorrow, then for me to pick them up and put price stickers on them in time for us to set up the opening at 4PM. Others have remained upbeat, but I'm exhausted; part of my problem has been that the group has met three days in a row with at least one more to go. While they are nice people, you know I spend most of my life not speaking to a living souls besides Ben and now I can't stop female voices echoing in my head. While I'm interested in meaningful conversations, (thank you, Maria,) being asked how I feel annoys me. Especially when this is asked as a space-filler. I mean, what is one supposed to feel after working on a project for 30 months and see the stuff hung for the first time? Relieved, I suppose? I won't lie; I can't wait to get out of the gallery and have quiet days in my basement.

Goodness, I'm grumpy.

My sparky, Josh Roberts, ended up coming to the gallery three times today. His conclusion was a) he really liked the job Duncan did lighting; b) with the pillars not touching the floor, he felt the light fixtures would be too prominent, especially if backlit; c) backlighting would make the texture (and therefore a bit of the pattern) disappear which would be a loss; and d) lights he had in mind are bluer, while the rest of the gallery is lit in soft yellow lights, which would result in disharmony. From our conversations in the last few months, I wondered if Josh is an artist as well; he said that's not the case, but he's lit many art exhibitions (and commercial premises); it's been a great pleasure to have him advise me from his perspective over the months. Thanks, Josh. 

Anyhoo, though not suitable for the postcard pool, I particularly liked this image. Don't ask me why but I keep thinking of Afghanistan.

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