Period/Full Stop

Then this morning, we dismantled our exhibition, which in my case took all of 23 minutes. With Ben's help, of course. And now the various piece reside in variously not-exactly-convenient places in my house.
I realize now that the one I got really very wrong are the postcards. They look much too dark and unattractive; I wouldn't buy them. I should leave at least a couple of days to work out the colors and values of the printed cards and not feel bad about taking up a lot of the designer's time because, ummm, the values and saturations in my cards are looking sad.

EDIT: I'm doing a little ac/counting. I prepared 96 postcards and sold only 8 at $3 each; I also prepared 68 buttons and sold 24 at $2 each. They are insignificant, but still it's worth making tiny affordable things to take away if I can't be bothered making middle-of-the-road affordable things also. Thanks you, Marlborough Weavers, for the most part! 


Bill said...

Ah Meg, if you were ever satisfied, you'd not be the great artist you are and wouldn't be the great friend you are. You care, and unlike most of us, you can produce great work. Thanks, I am sure they will sell. I hope you can hang your long pieces some where that others can continue to enjoy them.

Meg said...

A friend is trying to tempt a seamstress to have a look at them. They'd make interesting asymmetrical garments because of the design changes within each piece. Other than that, I'm not sure; I may consider giving it to charity somewhere, but not right now. I'm busy looking for somewhere they don't get in my way.