"Beginnings" - A Textile Exhibition

Approaching the gallery. You see the collaborative book to the left. Facing us is Jo's page, with her first eco-dyed piece, and it's not for sale. Mine's to the right of hers.
Pat's tapestries beyond the book. The far right piece is a big departure from her normally tighter look.
Exhibition blurb and sign fashioned after our poster.
We decided two exhibitors will be present on Saturdays to speak to visitors. Today was cold and rather empty, I was gold. But it's a good time to read each other's statements and have a closer look at the work.

Ronnie's banner and Jo's scarves to the right, Maria's dress in the middle (sideways, unfortunately,) and Ronnie's Spain piece. 
To the right are Pat's black & white work in the manner of Ohshima Tsumugi, with recycled pine paper. 
Looking towards the biggest space. On the lower plinths are two of Ronnie's works based on maps.
Turning slowly clockwise, we see Maria's other garment using peat moss from Finland. 
Further clockwise we see Jo's areas with the strongest political overtones. (She's a dedicated environmentalist.)
Looking back.
Back in the front room we have the Strands Store.

Until last Sunday night when we finished hanging, I was ever so disappointed about not being able to complete my Friends(hip) piece. But looking at our exhibition as a whole, because it is full of muted natural colors, I didn't regret not having the oh-so-saturated red piece any more. It was meant for another exhibition, as Dot suggested Sunday morning.


Cate Rose said...

All really beautiful work. Like the gallery space, too.

Meg said...

Yeah, Connie, isn't it a fantastic space? I can't get over the height!

Anneliese said...

Meg, you cannot imagine how disappointed I am not being able to see this fantastic exhibition.

Meg said...

Ummm... just very quietly, let's blame JB, shall we? Because the last few years, did you not tend to be in Nelson in October???