Something I've been thinking for a while and have been talking to Heidi, Lloyd's assistant, for a year was for me to give some of my time to raise funds for Arts Council. I spoke with Lloyd last week shooting off ideas. Cards and posters seem to be out of favor; too much work for too little return unless we can get the printers on board. Art auction seemed more to his taste; online to broaden possible participation.

I have other crazy ideas like putting a long table in the gallery amongst artworks and having a special lunch or dinner has been my fav; open studios and studio tours are always possible, as are workshops-as-fund-raisers, a few (intensive) days/evenings of artists talks with slide presentations, again at the gallery.

I want to be event-oriented, rather than, say, participating in the Arts Council Committee as Lloyd suggested. Goodness, can you imagine me in a committee meeting? No, that'll be more punishment than volunteering. I'd like much of the prep work to be doable at home, in my PJs, if that's not asking too much.

What interesting fund-raisers have you been to? Heard of? Arts Council helps art activities/events which are community-based, rather than help individual artists. With that in mind, there have to be new and exciting ways to raise funds even in a small place like Nelson? Do you know organizations, arts or otherwise, that do fun fund-raisers?? Do share!

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Anybody interested in a Small Piece exhibition? Is it the timing that's so wrong?


Anonymous said...

I totally missed your small piece suggestion first time around! I think I would struggle to get anything done by 1st Jan, though.

Meg said...

Agreed. Let's not think about this for now.

Dianne said...

Its a great idea and we should do it but timing is wrong for me. Maybe nearer the colder months when summer visitors have ebbed.

Heidi said...

I love the idea, but between now and Christmas I have a very long list of things I have to get done. I would love to participate if the due date was February 1st.