Starting this week, Week 2 of 8, I've been allowed back in the Friday morning drawing class. What a relief. Friends, morning sun, my favorite model. And for once, we were allowed to use a proper, A1-paper. Bliss. 
(The two in front are A3; the one in the back is A1 with some weirdness because I didn't stand back far enough to check the proportions. The poor thing looks like she has a tumor between her legs on the bottom right, but rest assured she doesn't.)

Then I went to see two satisfying films, "The Intouchables", (French, beautiful, comfortably predictable but laugh-out-loud hilarious,) and Mental, (noisy, very Australian, and in a strange twist, a most loving homage to the film"Sound of Music".)

I met Ben for pizza at the cinema, (Nelson's best pizza place is inside our cinema), came home and went to bed early. Nice, eh.

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