Life of a Less Frantic Weaver

I'm thrilled my life is going back to normal, and it seems to be a good, new normal where I'm able to mix work and housework in good measure. Six months of lock-down was wonderful for my soul and psyche, but the house and garden suffered, and incremental housework is about all I can handle. The garden will come later, but also very incrementally.

Where work and housework converges is me sorting through exhibition-related stuff, putting work stuff back into the stash room or workshop, and restoring what is as close to "order" as I had before the lock-down. I know I'd be so happy if I did an overhaul of the stash room, (not redoing shelves or painting, but wiping all surfaces and reorganizing contents,) but it makes so much more sense to get through a few pending projects before I do this. So I might clean my closet and polish my shoes and purses instead.

I used surprisingly little yarns for Pillars; disappointingly little to tell you the truth, but I got reacquainted with my stash and have a lot of ideas for nice, kind merchandises. And maybe even some gifts for the family for my next trip. Even then, I won't have a roomy design room; I'll still have large cardboard boxes under the table. But I think workshop and stash room reorg would be, oh, soul-cleansing. So that's something to look forward to.

Speaking of stashes, Deanna from DEA rang a couple of days ago; she is hoping to holiday with her family in the Nelson/Tasman Region. Of all the people in the world, including Ben, Deanna is the one person who knows my yarn purchases and I can't fool her. Once again she asked me when I'll be working on Ben's Happi; though it's always been one of my top priorities, I think I'm hesitant because it involves, albeit basic, sewing. It would be nice to get on to this one, as it will be my first for-sewing weaving.

While cleaning out my files, I found these two pics Ben took I hadn't noticed, but really like. It's almost a fading memory, this exhibition. Do you enjoy exhibitions in which you have your work once it opens?  

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