Still Alive

I survived the day.

The Council man Gary was nice, but I don't get it; he didn't even look at the handrails on the stairs; he was overly concerned with the downstairs bathroom, which the other Council man Andrew checked thoroughly ten years ago. Whatever. All we need now is a certification from our tile guy Fraser that says he did membrane work (???) so the structure of the house doesn't get wet every time we shower. I can do that.

Then Joan and Win came over from Blenheim, and we had my mushroom soup (looked horrible, tasted almost ok.) Win traveled to Egypt and Joan to Northeastern and Northwestern China this year, and they had nice travel stories. Joan also showed me textiles she bought in China.

This was my favorite, an Indigo apron front. The center part is embroidered; the boarders woven on two shafts with pick up! Imagine that! She said all over town people were embroidering.

This is a traditional baby wrap, but these wraps are still in use. This piece, the corner was possibly worn, because there was a different fabric sewn, with the same embroidery work done to make the "ribbon" pattern.

And then I finished my last scarf. That will have to do for the National exhibition. It's considerably smaller and less-challenging. But it will have to do.

Tomorrow is figure drawing; Saturday is the second color workshop. I got the syllabus for Saturday, and I'm quite uncomfortable; tutor Errol Shaw broke down what we'll be doing in such detail it reads like a NASA schedule, or at least a Japanese train timetable. We are definitely going to draw, and paint. Yikes.


Geodyne said...

That apron front makes me drool.

Meg said...

I KNOW!!! I didn't want to let it go, and I think Joan was a bit alarmed.