Why Blog? - My Take - Part 1

Way way back, when I was following Arts Marketing's Martin Rodger's suggestions about holding a successful exhibit, I wrote to the local paper and asked to consider putting something about it in the paper. Matt Lawry (who can now be seen/heard on television and National Radio from time to time, by the way,) said he would, and I panicked; I didn't know what to do next. I rang Arts Marketing and Julia told me to ask for a list of questions Matt might ask in the interview, so I did: here's a short list given by one journalist to one weaver before a newspaper interview about an upcoming exhibit. I'm not sure if this would be of any interest to you, but I have it, so I'll share.

1) How long have you been weaving?
2) What will be in your show?
3) Why do you blog about weaving?
4) Why do you weave?

In retrospect, I remember talking about a whole lot else but what was on the list, but sometimes I think about these questions. For a general circulation newspaper, it's the human interests that sell, so a personal story relating to weaving is the best approach. I learned during the interview that if you have a cool, calm disposition, you could, like politicians, not answer any questions but only tell the story you want to tell. But being gushy and busy, there wasn't much I could have done without extensive rehearsal.

Re-reading the linked post, I see that incoherence in my posts is nothing new. Phew, I was worried for a moment there.

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