Ben told me his Flickr prompted him to renew his Pro account. This means mine is about to "expire", too, so we hurriedly paid for the Pro account today. We couldn't possibly let anything happen to the first SSVE, you know. (Ben thought if we let this payment lapse, the free account would allow no "collections" and up to only three "sets".)

We upgraded to Pro account when I was starting to think about upgrading my website. This must been a years since I thought of it. My current website sits in the server under Ben's desk, and among other issues, it's noisy and hot because it's an old "tower". Plus somehow we settled on a convoluted system where I created or revised the html files, Ben resized/repositioned pics, sometimes did other stuff to unify the looks, (even though we worked off a template he made), and then copied the finished file to the server, and finally updated my copies... Often I find one word I wanted to change, or a typo, or spacing anomaly, which had to wait until he was home to be fixed. You can see how it didn't suit my temperament. At least I learned Frontpage and Dreamweaver, but nigher were entertaining enough for me to enjoy the process.

So we've been looking at options, and though some WordPress sites looked breathtaking, and Ben even built me a prototype over one weekend, I just couldn't be bothered learning a new editor or set of vocabulary. So it's going to be on familiar turf.

I finished the draft today, both in English and Japanese. Not a lot of changes, virtually no pics yet, and nothing in the gallery, but it'll be easier to update, and this setup is easier to work incrementally, and I can update immediately. And we can shut off this noisy boy soon.

It was a semi-productive day.

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