Why Blog?

"As an aid to her future memory [Cally Booker] now chronicles her weaving ups and downs in her blog t’katch." As found at the bottom of her article in WeaveZine.

Why did you start blogging?


  1. I write in my blog to record my progress in my weaving adventure.And to help me remember when I wove things!

  2. Hi Meg,
    I blog as a visual journal of my artmaking and my thoughts about that. I also like having an audience to be accountable to. This helps me to feel that I am not making art in a vacuum.
    Thanks for asking!

  3. Delurking...I blog so I can chronicle my progress and interact with others with similar interests. And, it's fun!

  4. Hi, fiber artists and fiber nuts. I've been looking for something I wrote 18 months ago on this subject and haven't found it, (because I'm weaving - imagine that!) but I'll come back to this soon. I want to remind myself what I was thinking back then and to see what's changed.

    Today I'm in town all day - a supermarket tour (how to really read labels, difference between NZ and Australian labeling requirements, [because we have a lot of Oz imports]), going to the Council to ask them to interpret into English a form letter we got yesterday, then the art supply shop to get gesso and acrylic retardant, then the library for the Schiele book, and finally, a lecture on the color white at the Suter to end the day.

    Makes it sounds like Nelson is a metropolis, doesn't it? The main stretch of Trafalgar Street is about... five blocks; seven tops. I'll count this afternoon.

  5. In fact I started out with more of a reflective purpose, but the memory thing has been a help many times... At lunch with friends on Tuesday someone asked me if I kept a journal. I said not really, but I keep a blog, and the good thing about it is that it is SEARCHABLE. But also I think the act of writing about something fixes it in my head more securely (even in the absence of search terms).

  6. Cally, I suspected that the blurb at the end of your article wasn't the whole story, but I never thought of
    the search aspect. If I give my post intelligent titles and use the key words, I, too, would be able to search, won't I? Hadn't thought of that!


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