Right-Brain Thinking

I need a few days to recover after I have an intensive right-brain experience, as in the one on Saturday. I have the board standing below the TV, so while Ben's watching the Olympics, I sit next to him and stare at it.

Layers are fascinating. I used to like more straight-forward art, mine and in paintings, but I've been going through my art books looking for layers of colors, and have been discovering a different set of favorites. I can't wait to go to the library to get an Egon Schiele book so I can continue working on this board.

Oh, my loom seems to be fixed; this afternoon I wove swatches for the long-overdue sample exchange.


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

That first image is delightful. I also love the texture and color or the second.

Meg said...

Thanks, Mary. The cloth in progress is in the same colors as the one you saw in NDP but a simpler and shorter draft (pattern) because of the way in which the pattern needs to be described (in a tie-up plan draft) in the exchange. Not very interesting, but quick, in other words...