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Today was a beautiful day, the first day of spring, a perfect gardening day, and even I thought of venturing outside, but I've been feeling a little oozy from the antibiotics, so I stayed inside and worked on the website some more. (Oh, the tooth; it now transpires it could be a wisdom tooth, which I thought I'd had extracted decades ago! I was told sometimes a course or two of antibiotics can make the problem go away without extracting the tooth. I'm all for ooziness in that case!)

I went looking for nice photos for the website; most of the ones I liked were from 2007; I was equally enthusiastic about weaving and photography, and the house was tidier and, I hesitate to say, I had a wee bit less stash. I had some terrific pieces, if I may say so, as well as terrific pics of rather sad pieces. And some of the pieces I thought were poorly designed turned out to be not so bad; I might go into Red to make myself reacquainted with them.

(Not the pic, but the series of three of these.)

Lately I am interested in designing and getting a piece done, and everything I do is finished just in the nick of time (or later), I don't have many good pics of any of the pieces I've woven this year. The yellow pic a couple of posts ago is the one of the very few I like, so it's popping up all over the place. Must try harder!

However, I had taken some strategically out-of-focus pictures specifically for the website, (and things like business cards, brochures, posters, should I need them), and some of these finally got to see daylight. (The berry-colored banner at the top of this blog is one of them.)

I had planned to completely revamp and rewrite the web site, but whether I tried to edit the old version, or started typing on a blank screen, I ended up with pretty much the same thing. Likewise I shuffled the contents around a little to make it more interesting, but the sections more or less fell back into familiar positions. So I concluded Ben and I gave it enough thought at the start, and Martin Rodgers gave me very good advice soon afterwards, that I decided not to tamper with those sections too much.

It's mostly the gallery part that I hope to update often, and possibly add an exhibition section, but that will be in the next phase. It's a good thing I'm finally far more interested in weaving than in marketing, (took me eight years to get here), but I should keep working on the "business"side, too, incrementally.

So here's an idea: the next time you feel a piece didn't work well, stick it in the back of your closet and pull it out six months from now. I swear, you'll see lots of good things about it; from that distance, you can be more objective about your work. OR, if you have a digital camera or video, take deliberately blurred, "moody" shots; you could make good use of it another time.


  1. Ahh yes, hide the piece for a year or more. I've done that and it usually does work! Amazing. I do like the banner photo. I will have to try blurry, though I think I can also create blurry with my software. I want to take the time to make my own banner. I think
    I have all the info I need, just have not been willing to take the time!

  2. I'm only vaguely familiar with the half a dozen software Ben has in one of the computers around here, and from what very limited examples I've seen, I haven't found a created blurs I like, Peg. Now, "intentional" blurred pics, I do oh, so very well, you see. Ha, ha.... And, of course, plenty of unintentional ones.

  3. Hi Meg. You constantly amaze me with your weavings. So, I am fondly, but nervously tagging you at Calico Cat Press.

  4. Duly tagged, Dana. Love your tags. I have a heap of used postage stamps I've been saving for some kind of an art work some time - they would be perfect for my tags!!!

  5. Meg, are you OK? You haven't posted in awhile and that is not like you (grin!)

  6. Hi, Peg, no, still here. Was away for 4 days, and then been to a workshop, plus a mini-crisis. More like realizing something I knew for a while... More later.


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