Something Spectacular

Alliance Francaise Nelson and the French Embassy sponsored three films on French art at the Suter. I missed the first one on Degas, but today I went to see Chagall's mainly-earlier life. Quite uplifting; he was a cheerful, funny man though his life could not have been an easy one.

I kind of ignored my wall; I still have a difficult relationship with it, because of what I had wanted to do. However, it's not really that bad, and the individual pieces are nice, so I must now stop cringing and talking about it and move on. So one last glimpse.

For a good part of the afternoon, I was riveted by an exhibition of portfolio by last year tertiary students (age 17 or 18). Each student specialized in a discipline; photography, painting, print, design and sculpture. And based on their selected theme, they had three A1-size boards full of research drawings, worked options, and the final pieces. It's called Top Art and an insider, John, told me not many galleries host them, but The Suter was smart enough to have them for four days. The collections tour high schools around the country. It's a difficult web site, but please try Top Art, click on a discipline at the top, then select a student name, hover over the thumbnails、and click on the ones you like. Imagine, the tiny photos with multiple images are in fact all big boards. I took only academic subjects throughout my student life, and having never seen student art work in any depth, the caliber of work was all the more impressive. And Kiwis would be happy to hear NZQA organizes this tour!!

I ended up having coffee with Julie Catchpole, the gallery director, and Jenny Hitchings, long time volunteer and friend and Mrs Gavin; I even spotted Ali who was missing in action in France after she's gone to learn about Jacquard looms; Ali, I and a few weavers will be getting together soon to hear all about it.

A great afternoon, and lots of ideas and notes.

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