I keep chanting these words to remind me I'm supposed to be happy looking at these. In fact, the individual pieces are better-constructed than my February pieces, but even the photos I took on Monday look a little sad.

I had in mind a cascade of seven or so scarves in this space, all with slightly different colored wefts and different "variations on a theme" drafts. The scarves weren't badly wrinkles at home; it got a bit crushed in transit, but badly so because the method I devised to hang the pieces didn't work (separate post), and Ben tried a few different things until we settled on the very first method he proposed weeks ago, which I thought was "too hard". And while experimenting with all these, they became sadder and sadder.

I included my yellow frame, because after a couple of months of sitting on the floor, I couldn't right the right place for it in my house. But the frames are too close to each other.

That's Ben putting his tools away and heading off to work.

I shall endeavor to take a bigger picture tomorrow so I can show you why I needed more pieces.


  1. They look fabulous, Meg. It's worth the effort you put in, I think.

  2. Oh, thanks, Geodyne. My expectations far exceeded the outcome, shall we say? The space is a bit bigger and it would have been nice to have at least one or two more, though.


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