Why Blog? - My Take - Extra

Excerpt from Taueret's post, in case I forget what I liked about it.
"The fact that so many other people have blogs now makes it so much more fun, and such a fantastic "talk to me!" sign to hang around my own neck, without having to go the extra step of actually risking face to face interaction- which never goes as well as I'd like, somehow."
The way she describes her learning-to-draw process is exactly the same is my learning-to-sing-from-Mom experience. Then, there's the big about friends.
"It reminds me a little of being in school- in primary school you are forced to be friends with kids because they merely live in your neighbourhood, and school throws you together."
Or because Mom liked them; funny how she seldom liked the friends, and later boyfriends, I picked. But I know most parents try their darndest best on the spot, rather than try to be vituperative, and mine have been trying to make up by encouraging me in my weaving.

It turns out Taueret started her fibre geekery 11 days before I did. I feel that "maternity ward at the same time" thing again.


Taueret said...

Meg :-) !

I know what you mean about parents doing their best. My mom always said that she didn't want to be like *HER* mom- who always praised everything my mum did as the most brilliant thing EVER (knowing grandma, she really believed it was- and I loved that about her!). I've always wondered how my mom got so burned by all that praise that it turned her 180 degrees... there must have been something. Anyway you're right that not (m)any parents actually set out to mess with their kids' heads.

Meg said...

This is so interesting to hear. My sister, (who tries too hard to be the opposite of my parents), praises her kids with most things - at least she never criticizes. She doesn't "scold" her kids but explains everything to them, and Nephew 1 is a notorious back-talker and Nephew 2 is a logician. I wonder how her kids are going to turn out.