Why Blog? - My Take - Part 3

I don't know when things started to change, but suddenly I was blessed with all you visiting me. Overnight, (that's how it felt), I was being read. I couldn't believe my luck!

Unravelling, to me, is the easiest forum to ask questions. (Do you sense a big one coming?) It's a fun place to exchange opinions, to meet with friends (as are your blogs) and play, to make a fool of myself, and to post self-congratulatory, right-brain pics. And because there is nowhere I am expected to show up on more or less a regular basis, (think office,) I show up here and be noted and counted, and I really appreciate that. And, sometimes I post even though I don't have a sublime thought or respectable progress report, just so you know I haven't fallen off the bottom of the planet. (There is a line I've wanted to use to start a short story: "I started to write because nobody was expecting to see me at 9AM on Monday morning." I didn't know this when I wrote this years ago, but I'm starting to get a feel of the loneliness of art making.)

As well, I've felt a certain sense of responsibility in what and how I write; I can't describe this any better, but I know it sometimes conflicts with my penchant for flippant remarks, but I'd like to think it's done me good in making me grow up a little. I am divided in my desire to be totally honest with you in all aspects of my life, (which should be different from giving too much information, but I haven't found a good guideline for that,) and, believe it or not, there is also a burning desire to remain private and anonymous.

I think it's this last bit that sometimes makes me want to delete the whole thing and start over, or not blog at all. A kind of a rebranding of me as a person, a fresh start, or just escaping from the responsibilities I put on myselfl or purging the image of the person I think I created. And I can't gauge if I were to do this, it would be by impulse or something deeper that I don't know about. Ah, heck, I can't see myself deleting Unravelling just now; too much work creating a new identity, you know; I'm much too lazy. Besides, you all are too fun and I'd miss you too much.

There you go; my long-winded answer for why I blog about weaving; at least Part 1 started from that thought. For a more sapient take, see Taueret's post here. Truth to tell, her recent love/hate relationship with blogging was catalyst to my asking why all of you blog. I had my finger hovering over the delete button around the same time as hers.


  1. I agree, art-making is lonely. I have a former college acquaintance who in her second life became a tapestry weaver. She and a group of tapestry weavers meet regularly (once a month, or once a week, I cannot remember) for critiques. I so envy this! Even though it would scare me to death!

  2. I belong to a group, and I have a standing invite to visit a couple more, and I like people and the camaraderie, but making my own stuff, to my own standard, that's still basement stuff, a solo journey for me.

    In many ways, you all here feel more immediate and real to me. Possibly due to brutally honest stuff you write which you possibly may not speak about in person, particularly in a group. Or is it in the nature of all of us who blog? I just love this.


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