Sunday, August 3, 2008


On Friday, I treated myself to a new notebook. After staring at my drafts for a few weeks, I felt the presence of a kindred spirit. It was the last of the kind and the front cover was beat up a bit and by the time I finish using it, the fluffy white parts will look disgusting, but we connected. Plus I had a $5 off thing.

On Saturday at the art supply shop, I treated myself to an embossed A4 (roughly letter) sheet of paper. It's forest green in color, but like my cottons, the light plays on it in interesting ways.

As well, I found this blurb on paints; I'm not interested in the paint, but couldn't help myself.

Today, I hemmed and washed and pressed my cottons, named the pieces, wrote up my list of works for the museum, put stickers on the backs of the frames which came back from Pete very nicely on Friday. (Told ya, he is the best.) Ben did as much as he could with the loom so I have to test it tomorrow. Then this evening we made up these "clamps" (two pieces of wood and two screws each, really) to hang my scarves. The scarves were clamped while still damp so they are on the floor doing the rest of drying just now.

Then I think I'll have a mental holiday. My To Do list is long, my garden is screaming out for help, but I think I'll just sit for a day or two before the next thing.


  1. So good to hear you're happy with the framing now. I think you deserve a mental holiday now. Hope you have some nice weather for the gardening. We've been hearing about your weather on the news and that utube vid of the tree falling was recommended as required viewing. I thought, "Oh, I've already seen that thanks to Meg and Ben." That's a beautiful piece of embossed paper you found, I can see why you'd like that - lovely texture.

  2. Really? Our weather made the news over in Oz? Golly gee, we're famous now! The chap who took it was on the news, and he had this spiffy phone! I can still laugh when the other chap yells, "You're a dickhead." On TV One news, the driver of the red car appears and said he went and bought Lotto tickets, but on TV Three, they said the driver was too embarrassed to appear. There was another guy video-taping from another angle, but this person didn't get the tree actually falling!


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