I may have a monumental toothache, but I am lucky, and spoiled. I have a husband with a day job, who not only approves and supports me in my weaving, financially and practically, but also comes home from work and cooks me dinner sometimes. I haven't got kids, so most of my time is mine.

Oh, sure, I can stand to live in a bigger house with space for more books; I'd love another computer-controlled loom; and I sure won't die if Ben's pay is doubled. I won't cry if you made me go on nice holidays more than once in a great, great while. But I have it better than most of the 6,718,428,132 people around the world. (It's scary going to this web site and pressing F5 and watching the number grow so rapidly.)

I was reminded of this when Sam, a classmate in my figure drawing course, casually confirmed the start time for tomorrow's color workshop; Sam is a mum so she has to organize her morning. And then by Taueret's comment here.

I noticed this morning the interesting glass in B Block (Visual Arts block) inside entrance doors. I don't think I want it in my house, but I love the fabric-like feel. Well, actually, I may not mind having this on my studio door.


Taueret said...

oh honey I didn't mean it like that!! Just that "I feel your pain" kinda thing. Low-grade suffering really isn't relative :-). Like the Buddha said, It Exists!

Meg said...

Oh, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, I know exactly how you meant it, and I know it wasn't a reprimand, but by the same token, I do too often forget how easy I have it... Because truth to tell, for starters, Ben cooks dinner most nights!