Sunday, September 14, 2008

Brain Age

Still procrastinating. Nancy just sent me this link. Here are few games (from a Japanese site) to test your brain age.

1) Number Sequence
  1. Click "Start".
  2. The screen will flash 3-2-1 and then show you a series of numbers; try to memorize the positions.
  3. The numbers will be replaced by circles; click on the circles where the numbers used to be, from the smallest number to the greatest, e.g. circles replacing numbers 1, then 2, 5, 8, and finally 9.
2) Colors of the Letter (This one seems to have problems loading from time to time.)
  1. Click "Start".
  2. On the screen you will find a word at the top, and six choices below.
  3. Look at the word, and determine what color the word appears in, and click on the name of the color from the pool. For example, if the word "YELLOW" appears, the word is in red, so click on "RED" below. This one you can choose to do in 10 different languages.
3) Color Sets, my favorite.
  1. Click "Start".
  2. You are shown four different arrangements of color squares. Three are identical but rotated; one is different.
  3. Click on the different one.
After you finish, it appears your brain age is assessed on speed and accuracy. Enjoy.

1 comment:

  1. The second test: I'm
    25 in Japanese,
    26 in Italian,
    39 in French,
    46 in English!


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