Just this week, while glancing at the TV, I saw a man purported to be a sculptor or a 3D artist (I wasn't listening) signing his name; he was left-handed. It suddenly dawned on me that there must be a higher proportion of lefties among artists than the general population, so I started asking around.

Jay Farnsworth thought it was a possible/probable; Anna simply said, "Of course!" and she's, of course, a leftie. So there you have it. Are you a leftie?

Me, I'm your ordinary rightie, but Mom and Brother were born lefties and were "corrected" so I guess I'm not devoid of the leftie genes.

And if I stretch this theory, I'm told that in Japan there is a much lower proportion of lefties than there are in the US; I haven't seen any statistics, and it could be because of the more rigorous correction, but it would also make sense that as a nation of left-brainers, we make better followers than innovators. But that could be too far of a jump.

OK, gotta go. I got a very polite "Where's my scarf??" inquiry; about time I got on to it.


  1. I have read that humans are right handed by default- that left handedness is either a function of being a twin (and lots of singleton births started as twins), or of a mutation- left handedness increases with increasing numbers of prenatal ultrasound exams. I think twin births are commonest in people of African descent and rarest in Asian descent- so the low rate of leftiness could be caught up with that. Or I could be full of BS :-D. PS I am a rightie, although my dad is a corrected leftie.

  2. Yeah, I heard that many of us start out as twins! But it has nothing to do with left-brain and right-brain dominance? Darn...

  3. oh I'm sure it does. Just whether the brain dominance thing is nature or nurture...yaknow? dominantly using the left hand develops the right brain? Course if could be that the artistic spirit develops in in those who are missing their lost twin right from the start..


  4. Yeah, I guess anything is possible. Do you think I'll eventually turn left-handed? Nah... I'm illegible as it is...

  5. I'm rightie but my dominant eye is the left eye. Does that count?

  6. Gosh, that reminds me when I broke my ankle for the Nth time in junior high, the doctor told me my dominant leg is left, too.

    Eyes seem more directly connected to the brain. I'm a leftie in that department.

    I'm starting to feel a little schizophrenic about the whole thing.


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