That Drawing

*** Depending on your taste and sensitivity, this is may not be "nice" to look at, though it was never meant to be nasty. Then again, it could be nothing. I went to 10 years of convent school, so I'm unsure. ***

Here's the drawing. A few days on, I can't believe I drew this. It's quite different form what I normally do. It feel "modern" whereas I probably go more for old-looking drawings. I used balsa wood, wet paper towel and ink.

Because I'm right-handed, I stand on the left edge of the board, looking at the model with the board to my right, and then standing back to draw with the right hand. With paper size like A1, and my short right arm, I've started to see a strange foreshortening in my drawings. I don't think I stand back far enough or often enough, and the right side of the drawing is often unintentionally distorted.


Geodyne said...

Meg, that's lovely. You've really caught a laid-backness.

Taueret said...

I LOVE IT! There's something innocent about the posture, it's lovely. You are clever.

Cate Rose said...

I, too, love it! When I was drawing a bit, eons ago, I did some similar stuff. There was a quality about it I liked, an openness and fluidity, just like yours. Alas, I never take the time to draw anymore!

Meg said...

Oh, thanks, brave ones. Boy, I did feel uncomfortable posting it; all the convent school experience came to the fore yesterday.

I can't concentrate as well, though, when I try to draw at home. Of course most times I try to draw my foot or hand, or Ben watching the telly, closed obviously. Something about being in that space on Friday mornings in the class, and especially standing up facing an easel, puts me in a special place.