Marlborough and Richmond Weavers

Last Thursday, Marlborough Weavers were invited to join the Richmond Weavers for Richmond's monthly meeting. There were over 20 people, nine from Marlborough, including me and Sue Broad who doesn't belong to either this year, and the their meeting room is huge I couldn't get a nice pic to show the mood of the meeting. We did a very elaborate show-and-tell, mostly of our own work but also textiles from two members who traveled on the Silk Road earlier this year.

Show-and-tell I always like, but it's especially interesting when I see works by new (to me) people, their color schemes, and designs. And then it's not only the old-timers who do innovative works. Ann Udy, obscuring her face at far right, brought a plain/space weave felted scarf in white and green, I think, which was exquisitely crafted, but I forgot to photograph.

Joan's shuttles made of wood and horns (?) from NorthWestern China.

Joan's fine cross stitch in two beiges on black or dark indigo. The turquoise square on the right would have been slightly smaller than 1cm square.

Rosalie brought a felted scarf from Kyrgyzstan, which was amazingly modern-looking, but she said the coloring and the designs are typical of the area. I forgot to photograph that, too, and I can't find anything like it on the Internet. It was yellows, oranges and soft yellow greens, swirly circles and oblongs placed in a dynamic way, with centers of some of the shapes cut out.

Later that day Pat drove me to my oral surgeon; extraction is October 7.


  1. My goodness! That cross stitch is stunning - hstorical and contemporary all at the same time. It tempts me to take it up again...

  2. Meg, i am jealous of your technical prowess in both weaving and now also blogging. I notice you have co-mingled your blog and website and etsy store so seamlessly. Bravo!

    Dana xx

  3. Geodyne, there's also a fine jacquard weave she had that I'll try to post - it was woven on an old-fashioned loom where little boys sat on top of the loom and pulled up the design heddles.

    Dana, love to take the credit, but hubby is the IT guy. I design; he executes, at least most of it.

    Now stocking up the store, or hanging in the "gallery" - that's my job.


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