Is in the subtropics.

May be a gateway to somewhere else.


These were taken in Auckland earlier in the month. In this bottom pic, the guys weren't moving at all, and I thought maybe it was a performance, but it turns out something wasn't working or an equipment missing, and the guy in the bottom was speaking on the phone while top guy listened, frozen in that position.

I felt a bit strange with the previous post at the very top, ergo the irrelevant interlude.


  1. haha you're hilarious. quick, hide the naked lady!

  2. You got it. I mean, imagine, one of the sisters from my old school blogging!! (Though they won't recognize my name now.)

  3. hello Meg. I have been studying your website and noticed there is a bad link on your home page. It is the link to Unravelling in the right side bar. It is a simple misspelling in the url that the link directs my browser to.

    Yet, I am still just amazed at your site.

    It is almost as though you weave, pages interweaving one another with ease.

    Bravo x2

  4. Those guys are on a swing stage, and the reason he's not moving is because one of the motorize pulleys is stuck and if you walk to the other side you might tip the stage and plummet to your death, although he's got a ledge so he'd just break a leg instead of his head. Good reason to stay still. I know this arbitary junk cause the guys here use a similar set up to install signs, gee the the useless knowledge you acquire while working.

  5. Thanks a million for that, Dana. I thought I tested everything at least half a dozen times, but you know, the trouble is... they all start to look the same!!

    Deep End, fascinating. I didn't think there was a good reason. I just thought they were being, I don't know... silly! So there was a cogent reason!


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