It's October and we started daylight savings last weekend and I'm fighting a debilitating hayfever this season with expired antihistamine, (and new eye drops), but I'm finally back on the loom and yesterday I finished about a quarter of the length of the shadow weave scarf. I'm catching up with a lot of old radio podcast downloads at the same time, and learned that last summer was supposed to last forever in Kiwiland.

By chance I found Dave Daniels' post on warp separator (artist's canvas, people; a class or two above horse poo paper!) and read on and saw the pic of the canvas wrapped around a dowel in a deliciously tidy manner, (Dave, would you like to swap houses for s semi-long period?) which in a typically twisted way prompted me to post this pic, which was originally voted down yesterday because I didn't want to show you how messy I really am... Oh, lookie here, if I crop the right side, you can't see the pile of dishes in the mirror! (Between layers of the scarf I've already woven are thick fliers that come with Japanese newspapers. Mom sent me some, and I'm happy these work well, but it's painful how they use such good quality paper for even the most mundane ads!)

And it's October around the world, and the Festive Towel Exchange is on. Start sending me pics if you're ready. First close date is the end of this month, second/last is the end of November. It wasn't until about a week ago that I realized the school year just started in the US (and Canada??), and with Gustav and Ike and all, some of you might be nowhere near thinking of the exchange. That's ok, do what you need to do now, and we'll have other chances to play together. But if you're keen, (and I know some of you have finished weaving already. Hi, Susan B!) we can call this the start of our little circle's holiday season. Ho Ho!

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