Five Cones and a Dead Bee

That bee has been there a couple of days, but I've been ignoring him.

When I first learned to weave, or warp, rather, I read, and Mom told me, the warp yarn should be pulled up off the cone. Mom even sent me fancy hooks to put on the wall, but I thought I'd better plan where I drill the holes. Meanwhile, I tried all kinds of warping methods, and locations, and this always worked well.

Underneath the warping board is a wall-mounted heater which is the perfect height. In the winter it's nice and warm. Behind (in front of?) the board is the loo, and on warmer days I leave the door open. Depending on how big my motions are, I'm halfway in the loo! Our loo has a sky-tube ventilation whatsit, so on sunny days I need no additional light. (At night, however, I need the hallway light, the stairway light and the loo light.)

Terribly unsexy, but it's worked a treat, and so fat the hooks have stayed in the original wrapping.

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