These twills are identical.
So either, I'm about to make a breakthrough on this point-twill-block thing, or wasting a lot of time in my drug-induced, hayfever-ridden (read: blocked nose) Friday afternoon strangeness. Most probably the latter.

OK, really off the computer now; I have to have a lie down, then start measuring the cotton warp for the wall. Have a good weekend, everybody, and sorry if you have one more day at work.


  1. What an interesting series of posts! I'm sorry you've been ill, but you've really put your time to good use. I especially like that gamp.

  2. Leigh, I only had some dental surgery on Tuesday but am being a drama queen because I don't like being doped up.

    Ever since Bonnie Inouye had the twill gamp on Weavers mag (which I didn't know anything about until I bought the Best of - Twill book,) I've wanted to do something like that so this might become more than just a visual experiment!

    On the drama queen front, there was an art opening I wanted to go tonight, but my lower right jaw is bruised, which I was warned about by the doc. I just didn't want to go around telling everybody, no, Ben didn't bash me, you know...


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