Saturday, October 4, 2008

Color and Weave

I'm a total newbie when it comes to C&W, but this is the second kid on the trampoline.

Take the cute looking 5-end twill in the previous post. 5-end point twill requires 9 ends, times 4 shafts is 36 ends per repeat. Then invert the direction of the point for the next 36 ends. Then invert again, and you get something like this. White warp, black weft, 2/2, tromp as writ again.

The weave structure remains the same, but here I've changed the warp to WWWB and the weft to WBBB, W being white and B being black.

Now I changed the warp to DDLL and the weft to DLLD, D being dark and L being light.

Magic, eh? It's all an optical illusion. Thanks for staying with me. Here's a little thanks.


  1. Uh ohhhhhh...I see software...MUST*PLAY :)

  2. Oh yeah! You can see the results instantly. Even the mistakes.

  3. What fun. I just love color & weave.

  4. Hi, Leigh. It's very mysterious, this C&W stuff. I like the "illusion" part, but beyond that, for me at this point, it feels like a hit and miss still.


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