Coffee Sleeves, Ladies and Gentlemen!!

Here, on yes, i MADE that by Lori discovered via Strangers on a bus, knitting; do-able with some of my warp ends, even. But this (and a whole series of posts leading up to the finished piece) is too much for moi. I mean, how do people come up with ideas like this AND have the gumption to execute them??? I'm going to have a lie down. No, wait, I have to get teeth extracted...

Commiseration/pity/Get-Over-Yourself cards are being accepted in the comment section today, people. ;-) Do please make me laugh. I checked the 6-page booklet handed out by the oral surgeon, and I didn't make a mistake last night; it did say: "4. There may be some bruising on the face and neck on the side operated on. This bruising may be extensive and unsightly." At least I hope my bruising and unsightliness will be symmetrical on both sides.

And then I'll be on a cocktail of two types of painkillers antibiotics. I'm turning into a regular druggie.


  1. aw! My recollection of having my impacted, infected wisdom teeth out (under local) was that it wasn't too bad. Hope you find the same, or at least look really good for halloween ;-).

  2. Cheers, Taueret. I'm lopsided and a bit loopy, so decidedly the latter.

    The procedure was OK. The dentist kept talking about politics and election (ours is on 8 Nov), probably to keep my mind off the procedure, but we disagreed on a few things and I wished he'd just quit talking, and singing. As well, it was the very first time I kept my glasses on during an dental appointment, and it felt too too strange to be able to see the tools they were using.

    I'll be glad to go back to Paul, my regular dentist.

  3. Absolute commiseration from me! I've had my wisdome teeth out under local as well and didn't find the experience too bad at all. It's not fun taking all those drugs though.

  4. Yes, that's what I'm finding out... Whilst I don't want any infection or pain, some of these drugs make me drowsy and I don't think I'm going to have a particularly productive day today... Eeeek.....

    The doc used bare minimum of locals, too. By the time we came out of the supermarket on our way home, it had worn off almost completely.

    I hate it when they try to inject just a little bit of the stuff all over the troubled area - the pricked-by-the-needle all over. Yesterday the doc told me to stop "making small movements" but I hate needles and I warmed him I'm a wuss...

    I am such a wuss...

  5. Little late, Meg, but thinking of you!!!

  6. Not too late, Crystal. I think it's going to get much worse before it gets better. My face is so big I laugh every time I walk passed a mirror.

  7. Take the drugs they make you feel better. I had oral surgery a couple of months ago and it's no fun, I actually cried the whole time they were in my mouth, like a freakin baby. Had to take two time outs and four hours later was done. The novacaine didn't work the first 14 times he shot me. I was sore for a week, but I think back now and laugh about it. Everyone kept looking at the hubster as if he hit me in the face was quite funny for a while.

  8. Today is Day 5, though, and I'm seriously over it, but not my face - my right cheek is so swollen my eyeglasses won't sit straight and it's a darned nuisance from this side, but I must look hilarious...


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