Point Twill Continued

This is the post I started yesterday, meant to go before the previous one. And if you thought my previous post was inconclusive, this one is even worse!

On the right is a 7-end point twill, on the left is a 8-end one. "7-1" means it's a 7-end point twill with an 8-end point treadling. And so on and so on.

I've been staring at these for a week, trying to find a pattern in the number of design units (squares only, plus signs only, or squares and plus signs) and their sizes (uniform, or in two sizes)relative to odd/even numbers in their threading or treadling.

I think it's safe to say tromp as writ, the units come in two different sizes. With any N-end point twill, treading in (N-1) pick points produce only one design unit and they are in uniform sizes, but (N+1) pick points two different design units. Plus signs aren't really plus signs, but emerging squares, and it's all getting a little metaphysical for me. I know this is exactly what you wanted to learn on a blustery Friday afternoon.

Oops, missed the 1PM penicillin. Gotta go.

Here are possible cloths out of 4- to 10-end point twill in 2/2 in 4- to 10- pick point treadling, (is there such an expression?) if you can be bothered.


Peg in South Carolina said...

This is not something for someone who is ill to be doing! Find something soothing and restful to do. Sleep is good.
Your word verification hates me. this is my third attempt.......

Meg said...

I think everybody's word verification is a blockhead, Peg.