So, this is to weight down the warp while one winds, got it. I still have to wind it on the back beam. Is there an argument against having these things dangling at the back as I weave, I wonder?

And either way, how do the warp stay spread out?

I must admit to be a bit disappointed. Regarding winding, my stack-of-magazines-on-top-of-my-warp-on-top-of-old-carpet works OK, so I guess I don't see an urgent need to send B to the hardware store.

Never mind me, I'm having a underwhelming day.


  1. I use a reed to spread the warp. Thats what you usually do in a Cyrus or a Glimåkra.

  2. I've spent much of the morning trying to log in to suggest using a reed to spread the warp as well. If you lashed a reed to the back beam there's nothing stopping you from using a weighted rather than beamed warp - after all, that's how the ancients did it.

    I'm not sure why google is acting strangely with logging in today...

  3. KD, is that enough to keep the warp spreaded evenly at the bottom FRONT of the loom like the pic?

    Geodyne, you're absolutely right - that's what they did, and in some regions, they still tie the warp to a stone and leave it on the ground, don't they. My mind is racing. Google is... just being Google?


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